Banned User Rank Give-away

When a user is banned on WafflezMC Network, All belongings of that person are basically gone to waste.

In an effort to preserve value of the ranks already earned or purchased of someone who gets themselves banned, Ranks of that player is eligible to be given to another player who could use and appreciate the rank.

Any rank granted to a user after someone who had it is banned will be permanent. The user who has been banned and has had the rank transfer off of them will never be named or mentioned, and said user will not be able to choose who gets their rank after they get banned.

How is the winner of a granted rank chosen?

People who are granted the rank of a previously banned player are not picked due to having any affiliation of the banned player. It does not matter if someone is a close friend or relative of the banned player, the rank will be given to someone chosen personally, particularly those who check all of these boxes:

Someone who is active in the community, Follows the rules and engages with others, Someone who is a lower rank and does not have the ability to purchase it for themselves, and overall are a friendly player who is well-deserving.

Are you a banned user on WafflezMC and object to your rank being given to another player?

Please re-read the Terms of Service that you agreed to when you purchased your rank (This also applies to ranks that were transferred from one player to another as a result from requesting a staff member to do it. If you transfer your rank to somebody else, they also fall under the acceptance of the TOS). Otherwise you can contact an administrator at