Hereby joining, connecting, or involving yourself with our community, you abide by our rules and our regulations. Being apart of the WafflezMC Network allows you to have fun, enjoy happiness with your friends, all while following the rules.

We (us, we, our) may revoke your ranks, we may decline your purchase, we may ban you from our network, we may blacklist you if you are a threat, we may legally conduct consequences if what you do is illegal, and we may conclude punishments if we deem they are a threat.

Rules are mandatory to follow and read. If you find anything out of place or would like to contact us about any concerns, you may e-mail us.

You (the player) hereby accept this as soon as joining our network. Joining can include coming online to our public in-game server, connecting to the Discord, purchasing a digital good on the webstore, and threatening everything as a whole.