Spawn Plot Guidelines and Information

An automatic farm is a farm that consists of the farm-able item being produced completely autonomously with the use of redstone mechanics such as pistons, hoppers, observers, minecarts, etc...

Sometimes these farms get out of hand, and even loading the chunks in the area that they are in will lag the server. These rules have been put in place to prevent such server-lagging farms. To be clear, Auto farms are not against the rules. All you have to do is follow these guidelines

(Consider: These rules were written May 3, 2020. Violations of rules will only partly be enforced if it were done before these rules were put in place.)

Autofarm Dimensions Regulation

1. An automatic farm using redstone to farm an item must be contained within a single chunk (16x16 area) - If you need more information about minecraft chunks please see this Help Page or this Video. Click F3+G together to toggle viewing chunks in-game.

2. As a farm is fitted within a single chunk, it may not exceed the height of 100 blocks. This means your farm must be ~95% contained within these dimensions: 16 x 16 x 100. (It is okay if it bulges slightly out of the chunk in one spot like using hoppers into storage chests that aren't in said chunk.

3. In a generalized area, only 2 of these single chunk farms are allowed to be placed next to each other. Otherwise making multiple farms in one area defeats the purpose. This "General Area" containing 2 chunkfarms must be about ~500 blocks away from another "General Area" (Or at least, far enough so that both areas chunks cannot be loaded by the same person at the same time)

Autofarm Location Regulation

1. As auto-farms are not just server tasking but are also client-tasking, they can drop the FPS of a player a substantial amount. Obviously this isn't a massive issue as the majority of players don't lag that bad, but to prevent players experiencing lag at spawn and in the spawn region; Auto farms must not be built within a 500 block radius of spawn. (Spawn plot guidelines still apply to individual spawn plots).

Please see these ideal farm examples

Failure to meet these guidelines will result in your farm either being shrunken down to size, removed, or disabled.