Discord Guidelines

· Heated arguments are not allowed anywhere but on the #vent channel.

· Any malicious links will result in a permanent ban

· Advertising other server IP's or Websites are prohibited.

· Any sort of spam in any of the text channels will not be tolerated.

· Only ping staff members with genuine help requests/concerns.

· General Offensiveness will not be tolerated, this includes but is by no means limited to: Racism, Sexuality, and Excessive Swearing

· All content is to be posted in it's related channel, such as arguments in #vent and all pictures/media in #media

· Nothing out of the ordinary in #media, this includes things like gore, intentional disgust, etc.

· Any NSFW posts are only to be posted in #nsfw channel

A rule that is not in this list may be applied in the future. If you do something that is not in the rule set above, a moderator reserved the right to take action if deemed non-suitable.

This rule set is bound to change and evolve over time. It is your duty to stay up to date and abide by them accordingly