Spawn Plot Guidelines and Information

There are a very limited amount of spawn plots available to the entirety of the server. In order to maintain and keep your spawnplot, you must follow the following guidelines.

(Consider: These rules were written April 27, 2020. Violations of rules will only partly be enforced if it were done before these rules were put in place.)

Whats NOT allowed inside of a Spawn Plot?

1. Entities such as minecarts, hopper minecarts, villagers, or other animals used for large scale farming or breeding.

2. Copious amounts of pistons and/or hoppers (and other redstone equipment) used for large scale farming

3. Anything that would cause lag in or around the surrounding spawn area.

4. No lewd or derogatory terms written out in block-text or pixel-art.

What IS allowed inside of a Spawn Plot?

1. Player shops (Chest shops) for high exposure to new players

2. Homes, Villages, Shared plots (via /Trust)

3. Personal PvP arenas, Megabuilds, Skyscrapers, etc...