Please follow and endorse these rules. If you spot someone failing to follow them,

Please report them on Discord.

Last updated: Feb 3, 2020 [2:42 pm EST]

  1. No spamming! You will be muted and possibly kicked/banned after repeated attempts.
  2. No lagging the server! If you are caught lagging any of the servers by spamming, griefing, or glitching anything, we will take action.
  3. No re-logging quickly! Logging out and then logging in quickly and rapidly to spam chat and lag the server is not tolerated.
  4. No arguing! Do not get heated globally and clog up chat. Do that privately!
  5. No griefing. Trying to destroy a claimed piece of land is intolerable and a ban might happen! Don't do it!
  6. No X-Ray! This is very unfair and will have serious consequences. You will lose the items you cheated for!
  7. No exploiting! Exploiting the shop or other players with your own shop is not okay.
  8. No disguising in PvP, or use of fireworks and Elytras inside of PvP.
  9. No claiming between claims and around claims! You may not claim between claims nor claim around claims within a 30 block range unless all players are okay.
  10. No obstructing a player's view! This means getting up close to someone constantly and blocking them from being able to build, break, etc. This can also mean blocking the view of their own place, such as being within a 30 block range or building a wall around someone's place.

10a. Hateful Builds - Another thing that falls into this category and that is now allowed is hate speech oriented builds, for example writing out slurs with blocks, or other things like swastikas.

11. No PvP glitching/exploiting! If you are caught cheating by standing above PvP, flying, hacks, or find broken spots, action will be taken.

12. No spamming warps! Trying to set as many warps as you can and keeping them all to yourself is unacceptable and unfair to other players. We will delete those warps.

13. No asking Staff for privileges! Doing so not only gets you, the player, in trouble, but also the Staff member. Do not do it.

14. Updated Chat Rules: April 20, 2020

    1. Swear Words and Derogatory Terms are not against the rules. While the chat filter plugin does indeed censor some words, it doesn't mean those words being censored are a punishable offense (unless used as disrespect towards others). Using a word in its censored form is acceptable (Just don't try and override/evade the censoring.)
    2. Rules #4, #13, #15, and #19 still apply! Do not argue in public chat, Ask for free stuff, Threaten players, or be generally disrespectful.
    3. It is very highly recommended that a player use command /ignore {player} if a player's messages are particularly bothersome.
    4. Excessive offensiveness towards other players is still punishable.
    5. A trade-off for this change is limiting sending messages to every 1.5 full second(s) to prevent spam. (Spamming is still very much against the rules.)
(Disclaimer: Any previous punishment given out prior to this change is still valid and will not be changed or appealed.)

15. No threats! Engaging in personal and public attacks will cause more than just a ban.

16. No hacks! We understand things such as Optifine are fine, but hacks that damage the game itself and other players is definitely not accepted.

17. No disclosing private conversations/information! If you give away, joke too much, or falsify information or a conversation about someone else, you will be temporarily banned. If continued, you will no longer be able to play on the server.

18. No Staff disrespect! Arguing, making fun of, or being an ass against staff is something serious and will not be tolerated ever.

19. No player disrespect! Being rude to other players is absolutely not accepted. Even if it is a joke, the person on the other end may not see it that way and take offense. If you disrespect a player in a joking manner and they report it, it is no longer considered a joke.

(edit: This rule is still the EXACT same that it was before, just made more clear.)

20. No leaking someone's social media or anything private! If you disclose something that's private publicly, your agreement to playing this server will be terminated and you may no longer play on here.

21. No buying for others without their permission! If you want to buy someone a rank, cosmetic, etc. on the store, get their permission first or we will issue a return.

22. If you join the in-game (or discord) and make no true contribution to the server (And/Or only annoy others), you will be removed WITHOUT QUESTION. There is a very low tolerance with this rule. Returning player or fresh newbie, if you join and you only act a fool, you will be removed, and you may not appeal if you've been banned for violating this rule.

Rule (X) As well as the rules listed above, WafflezMC does not tolerate violations of General Law and decency. As this server is hosted in the United States, it follows all laws set and governed by the US Government. Some highlighted illegal acts that pertain to the WafflezMC Network include, but is not limited to, Under-Aged Sexual Activity/ Engaging in Sexual Activity with a player under the appropriate age, Any use or recognition of private images/videos involving Minors, Denial of Service attacks, Doxxing, and others.

A rule that is not on this list may be applied in the future, If you do something that is not in the rule set above, a moderator reserves the right to take action if deemed non-suitable.

These rules coincide with the ones written in the discord tab "#rules". Any rule here that can be applied on the discord will be applied and will be enforced.